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Recycled Wood coffee table with drawers

Recycled Wood Coffee Table with Drawers

Reclining Low Bench - Hand Made Designer Furniture by Stephen Moore

Reclining Low Bench

A reclining low bench made from beech wood. This bench i originally made to sit on a chest of drawers in my daughters room so she could relax…

Oak Coffee Table

This coffee table is made from an old oak plank I found in the barn and  legs takes from an old chair . Size:  120 x 40 x…

Bench from Recycled Oak Beams

Bench from Recycled Oak Beams

Side Table from Recycled Oak Beams

Small oak table

Coffee Table made from Old Oak Beams

This project has taken more than two years to finish. But finally Im happy with the resaltts.  I will cover the beams for this coffee table from an…